• kathyjernigan




My Mom and Dad have lived in the same house for 55 years. They ate at the same cheap dining room table and chairs for 45 years. They only changed their 1958 green carpet when it was threadbare.  

When I was younger, I thought they were cheap and uneducated in the ways of the world. But now I see the value of being still. Keeping the faith. Staying the course and all those clichés.

A friend of mine who is in the design business and watches people toss their beautiful things for the latest “trends” says if you want to be “green” just keep what you have and be satisfied. I guess my parents are ahead of the curve.  

At 60, I am understanding in a profound way the value of being satisfied with your Life. Satisfied with your things and your car and your neighbors and your spiritual connections. Satisfied that your service to your community is worth more than a new dining room set.

Content. A feeling of gratitude that feeds you and reveals that what you have now is exactly right. It makes me think my parents are not only more educated than me, they are wise in a way I could only realize now.

As I cultivate being satisfied. Content. Grateful.